Wall Paper Removal

Granted the job work to remove wallpapers from the walls, do the primer on the walls and paint the walls with the required color.

As we started we assumed that this job will be easy but as time passes, we found out that it’s not so easy to remove the wall papers as they were on the walls for a long time and when we tried to remove them, the walls got damaged. This process took a time of around 7 days.

After the process of removing the wallpapers, patching of complete house walls are done which took couple of days to dry out. After this, we applied sand paper to smoothen the walls and then applied the primer and required color on them.

As soon as the painting gets completed, the house turned to be completely different from the old one which in turn makes its owner happy and pleased. This is one of the challenging tasks we did and it took around 25 days to complete.

2007, Fort Washington, PA