Details about Painting the interiors of your home

Our home is one of the biggest and most important investments we will make. For most of us, our home is our safe haven, the place we can be ourselves, unwind, and feel protected. It is therefore only obvious, that we would like to prolong the life of our home and ensure its value doesn’t diminish.

Getting a Home painted has Several Advantages

  1. Paint can help protect fixtures from factors causing corrosion. Corroding surfaces can cause substantial harm to the structural integrity of a home. Paint can also prevent wooden surfaces from warping due to moisture and aid in preventing termites.
  2. Painting a concrete wall makes it smooth, less abrasive, and easier to clean.
  3. Getting the interiors of a home painted can also promote healthy air quality indoors.
  4. Stains and marks can happen at any point in time and drastically reduce the visual appeal of a room. Painting can get rid of stains that are particularly tough to remove.
  5. The financial value of your home also depends on how much it has deteriorated over the years. Proper maintenance can significantly reduce the rate of deterioration and painting gives your house protection with minimal costs.
  6. Painting is, after all, one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to remodel and completely transform a home. Not only does painting protect interior and exterior walls from wear and tear due to various factors, it also leaves us with a fresh outlook about our home.

Choosing a Painter

If you have decided to overhaul your home, choosing interior painters with the correct expertise is essential. A good interior painter will be able to transform your home and leave it looking amazing.

If you are looking for Buck County painters, look no further! At Paint in Colors, our skilled painters have the experience as well as quality tools to ensure fantastic results. The right tools give our painters the upper hand, save your time, and give the best results with less effort. Painters with good experience and expertise will carry out their job without making your home look untidy.

How much does it cost to paint a 12×12 room?

At Paint in Colors, you have the option to decide what style of painting will do your home justice. You can opt for standard as well as custom painting jobs. Standard painting includes the room being painted in one color. No shapes or figures are painted on the walls, trims, or ceilings. This is usually a fast process with a flat labor cost.

Custom painting, on the other hand, includes painting the room in more than one color. Alternatively, one or all walls and ceilings are painted in different shapes, figures, or types. This is usually more time consuming and involves a higher labor cost.

Philadelphia painters generally charge anywhere from $ 1 to $ 3 per square foot for the interior of a house or a room. The cost of painting a room depends on various factors such as type of job, quality of paint, brand, color, and labor. Interior paint cost can vary from $ 20 to $ 50 per gallon. The cost of painting a master bedroom, which is around 12×12 feet, will include labor, two coats of paint, and the paint itself, and will be an average $ 450 to $ 650.

Painting other rooms

Painting a guest or baby room, which is around 8×10 feet in size with walls, ceiling, and trim, could cost around $ 300 to $ 450. Staircase walls, ceiling, and upstairs hallways are around 500 square feet in size and could incur a cost of around $ 700 to $ 1,200. A living room, which is around 400 square feet in size can be painted in around $ 650 to $ 850, while painting a dining room, with a size of around 300 square feet, will cost around $ 400 to $ 650. These prices are rough estimates and could be modified without notice.

How long does painting a room take?

When you decide to refurbish your home, and painting seems to be the answer, one of the most important aspects to concentrate on is a painter who does a good job. Searching for the right painter could be as simple as using the painting contractors near me feature on your Smartphone.

However, when you need to choose the right person for your home, you need to factor in aspects such as cost and time taken. Additionally, you also need to make sure, that the interior painters you choose are adequately experienced. A paint job that takes too long to complete will leave you stranded for longer. An experienced painter will ensure that your home is fully painted within a short period without compromising on quality of work.

When you hire a professional painter, painting will take lesser time to complete. Most painting contractors also follow efficient painting processes, for example, painting a ceiling before a wall to avoid the need for touch-ups. The time taken to finish a paint job will depend on factors such as the size of a room, the amount of prep work required, clean-up, and touch-up. Additionally, factors such as type of paint, age of the house, and texture of walls also play an important role in determining the time required.

Prep work includes moving and covering all the furniture in the room, wiping down walls, filling holes, etc. Therefore, a 12×12 feet room, with an 8-foot ceiling could take approximately 3-5 hours to paint. You can also count an additional 2-3 hours for baseboards, doors, and windows.

How many square feet does a 5-gallon bucket of paint cover?

It is important to determine the amount of paint you will need for your home when you are deciding on your budget. The amount of paint needed is a significant factor to consider when you calculate the total cost of painting. When you are calculating the total cost for a paint job, factors such as size of rooms, number of rooms, type of paint, ceilings, labor, and paint brand need to be considered.

When you are measuring the amount of paint required, you will need to measure wall height, wall perimeter, ceiling length and width, and sloping ceilings if applicable. Additionally, you also need to keep in mind that an average of two coats of paint needs to be applied along with the primer.

A rough estimate of the area covered by paint will help you get an idea of the amount required. As an example, a gallon of paint will cover up to 400 square feet, which is enough for a small room, or a bathroom. Two gallons will cover around 800 square feet, or an average-sized room. 1,200 square feet, which is a large room or two adjoining average-sized rooms, can be covered with three gallons of paint. Four gallons of paint, on the other hand, can cover around 1,600 square feet, or several average rooms. Five gallons of paint can cover an area of close to 1,800 square feet.

How do I estimate a painting job?

The cost of a painting job depends on several factors. When you have to determine the estimate, you need to consider all these factors to make sure you get the correct picture.

Significant factors that are involved in calculating the estimate include quality of paint, size and number of rooms, type of ceiling, trims, labour, etc. You will also need to consider the type of painting required, whether it is standard, custom, for textured walls, or individual rooms. One way to determine an estimate is to contact painting contractors who will provide you with a rough cost.

Philadelphia painters charge an approximate $1 to $ 3 per square foot and labor costs account for a significant percentage of the total cost. For example, the interior painting cost of a bedroom could be anywhere between $ 350 to around $ 850. Painting a home of around 2,500 square feet will cost roughly $ 2,100 to $ 3,900. You can also determine an estimate by calculating the cost based on the number of bedrooms. For example, painting a 1-bedroom house can cost around $ 800 to $ 4,100 and painting a 5-bedroom house can cost around $ 3,000 to $ 12,000. Similarly, painting an apartment could range from $ 900 to $ 3,000 depending on the number of bedrooms.

Why chose us?

When you plan to revamp your home, you will obviously look for the best services available to you. At Paint in Colors, our painters have more than a decade of experience. We are legally licensed and locally owned in PA. Our organisation does not indulge in sub-contracting and we provide professional work to every client.

Our services are reasonably priced and we use only the best quality material. Our painters are quick, efficient, and ensure that our clients’ premise is left spotless after the job is completed. So, if you are looking to renovate your home and want great service with a reasonable cost, you can rely on Paint in Colors.

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