How Long Does an Interior Paint Job Last?

A fresh coat of paint in the interiors can work wonders for the looks. This not only beautifies your home, but also increases the home value and keeps the surrounding healthy. This interior painting of a home is considered to be ‘proper’ maintenance of a home. You can get rid of all the dust and dirt along with the grime. There are many benefits of getting your home painted.

Most homeowners wonder how long does the interior paint last. The main factors that play a big role in the paint lasting in the interior of a home, is the quality of the paint and if the paint job is done in the right manner. This includes the prep phase, using primer and considering the other factors that make a difference to the paint job.

Here is a simple guide that can help you with the planning.

  1. Quality of the Paint

This factor is important in determining how long the interior paint can last and also maintain the original look. Paints of high quality have better binders. The amount and the type of binders used in paints can affect the adhesion and also crack and stain resistance.

Latex paints of good quality with acrylic binders 100% work out long lasting. This type of paint works out expensive as the acrylic binders used are quite costly. This provides better adhesions and durability.

The additives present in quality paints provide important properties, like the application gets easier and smoother, and these also provide protection.

  1. The Color Chosen

There are specific colors that can stand the test of time better as compared to the others. Different shades of whites, blues, grays and also greens can be long lasting. You can change the color of the drapes or the furniture but can keep the mentioned colors intact. In short, these can be termed  ‘versatile’.

As compared to this, vibrant and bright colors tend to lose their appeal when they do not blend with the updated furniture or drapes. It is advisable to decide on ‘safe’ colors that go well with the updated furniture.

  1. Living Room

The Living room is considered to be an area of high use. The interior paint can, yet, last longer as this room is not exposed to water-droplets, heat or other harsh weather conditions.

Living room paint can last up to almost 10 years, that is, if you are not bored of this, or your toddler has not sketched on the walls.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchen is considered to be an area that is used the most in a house. This is the place where you will find the maximum wear and tear as you have the whole family entering this room and cooking goes on at least 3 to 4 times a day. This depends if you have the ‘cooking’ passion.

Cabinets are opened and closed multiple times, heat from the cooking, the fumes and the smoke tend to accumulate on the walls and play havoc with the painting. You can say that a kitchen paint job can last anywhere between 8 to 10 years.

After this time you find the fading of the paint and probably blotch in certain areas. That is the time you need to plan on a paint job.

  1. Bedroom

As compared to the other rooms in the house, a bedroom needs few paint jobs. This room is not subject to too many activities though this room is used for almost 8 hours or more each day. You can plan on getting your bedroom painted after 10 to 12 years.

  1. Bathroom

Bathrooms are a very ‘high’ use area. The steam from the shower can break down the polymer and also make the bond weak. The paint starts getting thinner and the color looks dull and muted.

Bathrooms paint can last anywhere from 3 to 4 years.

  1. Ceiling

When talking about painting interiors, ceiling needs to be given importance. Repainting of a ceiling tends to brighten up any room. After a certain time, white ceilings ted to get yellow. This happens gradually and might not be visible till it is too late.

Tips for Interior Paint to Last Long

Following some listed tips can help the interior paint last longer.

  • Dust and wash the walls on a regular basis
  • Use corner guards to protect the walls.
  • Window treatments can help in minimizing the fading
  • Repair the damage as soon as possible.

It is advisable to conduct a research and choose well reputed and qualified painters to paint the interiors of your home. This can ensure that the interiors can look good for a longer period of time and there is no wastage of money in getting the interiors painted very often. If you do decide to hire a contractor Or consult a Paint in Colors house painting service for some advice for your interior paint job, make sure you hire a company that uses high quality paint with a good warranty.

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