Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This website is offered to you, conditioned on your acceptance without modification, of the following terms, conditions, and notices contained in this agreement. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices in effect at such time. This agreement describes the terms and conditionals applicable to all users of PaintinColors.com.

By accepting these terms, you confirm that you are of age 18 or older and that you are actively seeking the services described in the request forms. Our website is a home improvement and remodeling referral service. In using this website, you acknowledge that PaintinColors.com is not acting as your general contractor. PaintinColors.com does not endorse, provide advice on, or screen any individual service provider’s legal standing or credit history.

Home Owners


We offer homeowners and contractors a simple and fast access to each other. Our services will help homeowners find painters, roofers, and other contractors for their home improvement needs. After submitting your contact information and the request for which you would like a service professional it is entirely up to you to enter into a direct contract or reach an agreement with a contractor. We do not guarantee or warrant their performance on the job or the outcome or quality of the service performed. The contractors are not our employees.
Should you have a dispute with any service professional, you must address such dispute with the service professional directly, and you hereby agree to release PaintinColors.com (and our officers, affiliates, employees and agents) and any other person, firm, or entity from any damages or claims of every kind or nature, suspected and unsuspected, known and unknown, and disclosed or undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes and your dealings with service professionals.

Terms and Conditions

Homeowners are the users of the website who makes a request for a Service that has to be carried out. The homeowners request for service either by logging into their account or while creating their account.

Homeowners can join (create) account by clicking on the tab “Home Owners Join” which is on the top left hand side of the home page. This will bring the homeowner to the Registration page
Homeowners Registration Page any homeowner who requests for a service gets registered in the PaintinColors.com database. The registration of the homeowner is done in the “Homeowner registration page”. Here the homeowner gives the details of the service that he would like to get, by filling up the columns, which are as given below.

Services: The service that a homeowner requires.

Description: A brief description of the service that he is requesting for

Approximate Budget: Approximate budget for the requested service

Urgency: How urgent or how soon your request needs to be executed

Best Contact Time: The best time a contractor can call the homeowner who has requested for service and schedule a time for site survey to provide free estimate