Reasons You Need To Pressure wash Your House before Painting

Before getting the best painters in Bucks County PA to paint your house it is advisable to ensure this is pressure washed. This can be done by well reputed professionals or you can also DIY. You can be assured of a high quality paint job once you have pressure washed your home.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is also termed as power washing. This is using a high-pressure spray for removing mold, loose paint, grime dirt and chewing gum from the surface and also objects.

The Many Reasons for Pressure Washing your Home

Pressure washing is not a luxury but a necessity. This needs to be a part of your maintenance routine due to the many benefits this provides.

  1. Maintenance of Home leads to saving

Purchasing a home is a life time investment and that is the reason this needs to be protected. Pressure washing your home on a regular basis is considered to be a ‘preventive’ maintenance and necessity. This can help you save a good amount of funds on big damage to your property. This helps you in avoiding costly repairs and an increase in the value of your property.

Power washing is not as expensive as repairing.

  1. Power Washing Prevents Damage

The winter moisture causes stains and uncalled for damage to the exterior of your home. There can be permanent damage if you do not look into the stains and the small damage. You need to be aware that mold feeds on paints and can also remove them.

Crevices are susceptible to accumulation of algae, dirt, and also grime. The severe heat also plays a big role in damaging the exteriors of a home. A good pressure wash on a routine basis can help in getting rid of this problem.

  1. Pressure Wash protects Health

Mildew and dirt not only affects your home but can also be unhealthy. This can lead to different types of allergies in the long run.

  1. Pressure Washing saves time

This pressure washing is the only efficient way in keeping your home clean. This helps you in saving time. It is advisable to hand over this job of pressure cleaning to professionals as you are spared from the effort of climbing ladders, mixing different cleaning solutions or scrubbing strenuously.

  1. House gets a Makeover

This process of pressure washing is restorative. Your home can get a make-over sans any spending on big renovations. Your house gets a refreshed look as all the stains and dirt is removed.

  1. Increases the Value

In case you need to re-sell your house you can ensure you get a good price by getting the home pressure washed. Discolored exteriors can bring down the value of your home.

Different Tips for Pressure Washing

After knowing the different benefits of power washing your home, you can follow the listed tips to help you with this beautification of your home.


If pressure washing is not done in the right organized manner it tends to be risky. The high blast of water can not only damage the house but also cause injury. It is important to wear ear and eye protection as this can take the paint off the house.

Professionals also advise on wearing gloves, boots and long-sleeved shirts. It is important to ensure the right direction of the nozzle before you activate the sprayer. You need to plan before you move ahead and ensue there is no one around.

There is a lot of pressure in the system. This includes the gun, hoses and also the machine. If the tip is not clipped in properly or the hose pops, it can be brutal.

Choosing the Tool

Before choosing the tool, check out the flow of water. This is measured in gallons per minute. As compared to a 4 GPM machine at 4,000 PSI, a 5 GPM machine with 3,700 PSI can clean better. You also need to ensure that the washer dispenses the cleaning product besides the water. When you add a bit of chlorine you can ensure that the mildew and mold are cleared and do not return easily.

Do not overdo

Not all the jobs require settings of high pressure. According to the experts, it is advisable to choose a low setting if you are cleaning your deck or even your home. You can choose a system with interchangeable nozzles instead of different pressure settings. This can work out convenient.

The chemical needs to be applied from ground up, while the rinsing is done from the top, down. It is important that the chemicals do not dry up.

Knowing Limits

Pressure washing can be done by the homeowners, but it is advisable to look for qualified professionals for the thorough job you are looking for.

Experience can make a difference if you need to pressure wash your home in totality.

Different Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure Washing the side of a house

For pressure washing, a pump is used for increasing the pressure of the flow of water through the hose that is attached. This pump is powered by either electricity or gasoline.

The gas pressure washers can help in producing a wide range of GPM and PSI. These can help in cleaning faster and also efficiently as compared to the pressure washing pumps running on electricity. These washers do not require any cord.

You need to be aware that these gas pressure washing machines need constant maintenance and also tend to produce emissions. Electric pressure machines do not give out any emissions but you need to have a way to remove the water.

You can also choose between the heavy duty, light duty, medium duty and professional pressure washers.

Pressure washing is the first step to be taken when you plan on painting your home. Professional’s sand and scrape, prime the bare areas, reset the loose nails and patch any cracks in a home.

Pressure washing can turn the cleaning of a wall into a fast and simple task. As soon as the walls are dry, you can get the required repairs done and also paint your home.  Ultimately, a cleaner surface will help our professional local pressure washing contractor Bucks County PA, at Paint In Colors LLC, provide you with the best possible results in giving your home a new coat of paint. The pressure washing process will ensure you get more value for your money, which means the paint will last longer on your home. That will help boost the curb appeal of your home.

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