Painting Interiors of a Home

Planning to get your home painted is a little confusing. You need to plan out the colors; whether you want the same colors in all the rooms or probably, different colors in different rooms. Each of these choices needs different factors to be considered. Before helping you out here, you need to know that getting your interiors painted has long term benefits.

You need to look for quality services, and Paint In Color is one such company that can promise you the ‘quality’ you are looking for. We offer you a choice of different contractors; this can be design painting contractor or the whole home painting contractors.

How to Paint a Room

Knowing a few things can help you turn dread into success when painting interiors of a home.

  1. Prepping a Room

Interior room painters of a well reputed company like Painters in Color, will take the trouble of preparing the interior space before they start painting the interiors. Most of the room that is to be painted will be emptied with utmost care and caution.

The large furniture pieces will be moved to the center of the room and these will be covered with old sheets or probably, old newspaper, or drop cloths or curtains.

The wall will then be wiped off all the dust and dirt. Though this is not visible to the naked eye, there is a lot of dust on the walls. The paints can then adhere well to the walls.

Spackling is used for filling any cracks or holes. The window trim outlet covers, switches and adjacent walls are taped off. An experienced and qualified home painting contractor will ensure that the floors are covered with newspapers or drop cloths.

  1. Testing the Paint

It is difficult to determine how a specific color will look on your walls. Though our house painting contractor will advise you on the different shades, but the final decision is yours.

You can always ask for sample paint and paint only a small part of your wall. Let this dry and see how this looks in daytime as well as under the light. Only when you are sure, you can give the green signal to our painters.

  1. Painting a Room

Let the color flow in your home. It is important not to fear different colors or else you will be choosing only whites and off-white for the walls of your home. Trying out different colors can allow some change in the room. Dark colors can add texture and depth to the room, especially if the room has high ceilings and is very large.

For a small room, on the other hand, light and bright colors can give this a feeling of openness. This also allows the rooms seem large. Color is ‘fun’ so you need not get scared of adding this to your home.

  1. Choosing the Finish

Besides the color, the sheen and the finish can also make a big difference to any room. High gloss paints are not only durable but easy to clean but the ‘negative’ of this is that they tend to highlight the imperfections on the walls.

The interior room painters at Paint in Color have enough and more experience in dealing with different finishes and make the effort of guiding you.

A flat paint finish is able to conceal the imperfections, but is prone to damage. The best option that works out is the eggshell finish. This is easy to clean and also provides some sort of a gloss, does not highlight the imperfections and is not prone to damage.

  1. Re-painting the Interiors

Paint in Colors aims at customer satisfaction. So, even after the walls have been painted and you are not satisfied with the color choice, you can always ask for a change, or you also have the option of leaving one wall with the specific color and changing the colors of the other walls.

How Much Should I Pay a Painter upfront?

Painters do ask for an upfront payment of 20 to 30% of the total cost of the job. All you need to do is check the rules and regulations of the state before deciding. A painting job costs can be worked out only after you have made up your mind on certain factors.

Before quoting any price, the professionals at Paint in Color go through specific factors. These are listed below.

  • Interiors or Exteriors determining the cost
  • The condition of the surface that needs painting determines the cost. Giving the walls a coat of fresh paint is different from re-painting. This requires more labor and thus, will cost a wee bit more. You will be charged for 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of putty and 2 coats of fresh paint.
  • The type of paint to be used makes a difference to the cost. For example, distemper paints are cheap but this cannot be washed. This has a life span of only 2 to 3 years.

You have synthetic paints that work out a wee bit costlier but can be considered as ‘quality’ paints. It is advisable to leave the choice of paints to our house painting contractor. You can tell him your budget so that he works accordingly.

  • You can get an accurate estimate of the interior home painting only after you know what products will be used. The quantities also determine the cost.

Why is Home Painting Expensive?

Paint In Colors does not believe in compromising on quality, be it the product or the service. The home painting contractor ensures that the customer is satisfied to the fullest, and for this it is important to concentrate on quality. This is not only long lasting but also makes a difference in looks.

Using good quality paints ensures there is no wear and tear for a long period of time. This means, the home owner is sans any tensions. Your home always has the ‘new’ look and feel.

Quality paint offers multiple benefits. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Quality paints are easy to apply. These can easily spread evenly. These can save on time and money.
  2. Choosing good paints that might work out a little costly can save you from the mess of spatter. Most of the quality paints do not spatter.
  3. The concealing capability of these quality paints can be considered as excellent as these hide all the imperfections well and also conceal any indications of the previous paint. They do not require too many coats and thus save money otherwise spent on the additional coats of paint.
  4. Touch up is easy with high-quality paints.
  5. These paints can withstand any scrubbing if the need arises.
  6. The quality paints have resistance to dirt and grime and can keep the dirt from sinking in the walls.
  7. As these paints offer a smooth finish, these are less susceptible to any sticking.
  8. It is only the high quality paints that are resistant to mildew.
  9. Quality paints remain fresh for years without fading.

Standard Painting

Standard painting is painting the rooms in a single color and none of the figures or shapes needs to be painted. This is where flat labor cost is applied.

Custom Painting

This is when you need the rooms to be painted in more than a single color, or all the walls or even one wall and the ceilings are painted in different shapes, types or figures that can slow down the regular speed of painting. This is considered as custom painting and the costs increases.

Regular Cost and Quality of Paint

This means a paint that is average in quality and also the price. This works out neither too expensive nor too cheap. Anything beyond this can affect the total cost.

Paint in Color is able to give your home the ‘dream; look. Our team of interior home painters believes in quality and understanding the many benefits of quality service and product advises our customers accordingly.

You can contact us and let our design painting contractor help you out with your choice of color and quality in paint. We make it a point to work around the schedule of our customers so that you are not hassled in any way. Our professional painters have a clear understanding of how to paint different surfaces and can ensure there are no lapses in this.

You can get a clear picture of what the painting job is going to cost as we believe in transparency.

Interiors painting can increase the value of your home and also spares you from additional maintenance costs for a long period of time. We ensure that all the imperfections are well covered and there is no risk of any mold in the interiors of your home.

Our additional services include pressure washing, aluminum and vinyl painting, dry wall repair, epoxy floor coatings, mural painting and paint removal.

Let the house painting contractor work along with you to ensure your dream home is not only a dream.

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