Refinishing a Wooden Deck with Paint or Stain

If you have invested o a deck or even if you feel that time has taken a toll on the existing deck, it is definitely important to plan on restoration of this. Your deck needs protection from not only harsh sunlight but also moisture.  You find many people spending a lot of their money on wooden decks but sadly, due to neglect, these deteriorate in no time.

You have two options for refinishing your deck, paint and stain. Choosing the right one might get easier if you understand the difference between these two.

  1. Stain is Budget Friendly

Choosing stain for refinishing the deck works out cost effective as compared to painting. In case you want to paint your deck, you need to know you will have to spend extra on wood preservatives.

  1. A Natural Look with Stain

Wood stain is semi-solid to transparent in opacity, and fills the pores of the wood partially. This forms a thin layer over the deck and allows the superficial cracks and the grain pattern show through. This is perfect for those looking for a natural look.

Paint has a high percentage of resins and pigments that can fill the pores of the wood fully. This dries up to a surface that is opaque. This not only covers the distinct wood grain but also hides the cracks. The look is more manufactured and refined. A solid wood stain is apt for those looking for retaining a rustic appearance but disguising imperfections.

  1. Applying Stain is Easy

Staining or painting the deck requires some preparations. You need to sweep the surface and also scrub this. The boards that are damaged need to be either repaired or replaced. You also need to sand the surface ridges. The stain can be applied by a roller or a brush in a single coat. As the stain has a runny consistency, it prevents any globs from pooling. The transparency can minimize the lap marks in the finish.

Painting a deck requires you to treat the wood with a preservative and then coat this with a quality primer. You need a minimum of two coats of an oil based paint or latex. Due to the thick consistency of the paint, you find lap marks and globs in the finish. Once the deck is painted, it is important to seal the surface with a polyurethane sealer that is clear.

Applying protective varnish on a wooden boards.
  1. Paint is Long-lasting

Both stain and painted deck are prone to different problems. The paint can peel or chip and stain can get discolored due to heat. Compared to stain, paint is definitely more long-lasting. This can last almost 10 years or even longer. The best paints that can offer protection from moisture are the oil-based paints. On the other hand, latex offers protection against the UV rays.

Decks with a stain finish can last anywhere between 1 year to 8 years. A stain of high opacity is more resistant to the UV rays and moisture. Stains that are transparent do not offer much protection against moisture and the UV rays.

How to Stain a Wood Deck?

Here are a few steps on how you can stain a deck.

  • Choosing the Stain

Before choosing a stain you need to test if the deck needs staining or repels water. If the wood absorbs the sprinkled water within 10 minutes, you need to ensure you opt for staining as soon as possible.

If your deck is not new it is important that you clean the surface and let this dry for a day before you start staining. Though stain dries quickly it needs time to get absorbed into the wood. Make sure you do not stain in direct sunlight.

Choose a stain that matches the type of wood on your deck. You need to be aware that the stain that is oil-based can go over the water-based stain and not vise-a- versa. It is best to use oil-based stains over the old oil based stains.

  • Preparing the Deck

Inspect the wood of the deck only after you have removed all the furniture. The splintered areas need to be sanded. It is important that you sweep away the debris and the dust.

  • Washing the Wood

Wash the wood with any quality deck cleaner so that the deck board is free of any mildew or dirt. This avoids any imperfections to be trapped.

This deck cleaner can be washed off with a garden hose after 10 minutes or so. This needs to be dried for two days before you stain it.

A pressure washer sprayer is cleaning a weathered treated wood deck.
  • Raised Features and Stain Railings

You can apply the painter’s tape to protect the siding of your house. Make sure you sweep the deck once more so that this is absolutely clean. Pour the stain into the paint tray but only after stirring this nicely.

The stain needs to be applied to a patch of the wood so that you are sure of this. It is advisable to start staining the high features of the deck and then gradually move down.

  • Stain the Deck Boards

Use a paint pad applicator for staining the deck boards. This works out easy as compared to using a brush. Make sure you apply one coat of the stain in strokes that are long and even. For staining the crack and other problem areas, you can use the paint brush.

Benefits of Regular Deck Staining

Staining a deck offers multiple benefits. This is definitely easier as compared to painting and also improves the overall appearance of the exterior of your home. Staining of your deck helps in preventing infestation and also rotting. This means, the life-span of the deck increases to a large extent. You can avoid costly problems like mildew, mold and also wood rot. You need to be aware that these problems can lead the deck to crack, sag or even collapse.

A good quality stain can help in keeping the moisture out. It is important you well maintain the deck of your home so that you can enjoy this or a long period of time.  For more information go to: Wood Deck Refinishing Bucks County PA

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