The Many Reasons you need to get your Home Painted

There are multiple reasons home owners look for getting their homes painted. This painting of your home helps in the required maintenance and can also increase the value.

Painting can provide an easy way to get the interiors and exteriors updated at affordable prices. This is one type of home décor that is effective. This can be re-painting only the kid’s room or probably the living room.

Paint In Colors is one such company that can ensure your house gets the customized look you wish for, at no extra cost. We are the leading commercial and residential painting contractors in Bucks County, PA.  The local home painters with our company are qualified professionals with the required experience. They have a clear understanding of the needs of the customers.

How do I find local Painters?

Finding and also hiring a local house painter is a big investment. This project of house painting can be a disaster if you do not make the right choice of the house painter. Listed below are some tips to follow when you looking for the best painting contractor.

  • Compare

Conduct a thorough research on the different residential local painters available. You can even ask family and friends for references. If you are conducting your search online, it is important that you go through the different reviews and ratings to get a clear picture.

Paint in Color has ensured that only the top-rated local home painters are employed. This can guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Verifying

Hiring non-licensed painters for your home can lead to great losses in the future. If the project fails to live up to your expectations all your hard earned money goes down the drain. It is important the residential local painters you hire have all the required licenses and insurances.

  • Interview

When the painting contractors visit your home, you need to make sure you ask all the questions you have and ensure all your doubts are cleared. This needs to be done before you sign on the dotted line of the contract.

Find out the type of paint they will use, the number of coats they use for painting, any consumer guarantees offered, protection of your space, the after cleaning of the space and the duration of time it will take to complete the given job.

  • Contract

Before the project starts, you need to have a signed contract. Both the parties need to have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions discussed and agreed upon.

Paint in Color ensures that all the details discussed are mentioned in the contract and this will be signed only after mutual agreement. The goal of our company is to ensure that this process of hiring gets easy with no fuss.

How much do painters charge per room?

The cost of painting a single room or the total interiors depends on multiple factors. Here is a paint job pricing sample with the Price in Color.

Custom Painting

This is when the room is painted in more than a single color by our local home painters. This can also be one of the walls or probably all the walls and ceilings are painted in different shapes, types and sizes. This tends to slow down the regular speed of painting and also the process. This is considered as ‘custom’ painting and the charges are decided according to this.

Standard Painting

This is when the residential local painters paint the room in a single color without any differentiation is shapes, sizes or figures. This is when the cost applied is a ‘fast labor’ cost and this is fast paced.

Regular Quality and Paint Cost

This is an average paint in quality and price. This works out affordable as it is not too expensive or too cheap. Anything above this range can increase the overall cost of painting.

What do Residential Painters charge per hour?

As mentioned, painting is a significant investment and does need specific considerations. Most painters charge per hour for most of the interior projects. These charges depend on the specific project, location labor costs and season.

The labor costs of a standard painting job can cost anywhere from $40 to $60 for every hour.

Local house painters can even charge $75 per hour in areas with a high cost of living.

How much does it cost to hire a whole house painter?

How much the whole house painting costs depends on a number of factors. There is a lot of manual skill and labor involved for a quality paint job. As known, a good local home painter does much more than only painting your walls. They need to prepare the surfaces for painting. Cleaning and then patching, sanding and also probably stripping out the old paint.

Understanding the cost of Painting

  1. The Cost of the Paint

Before calculating the cost of labor, you need to find out how much paint you need and how much are you willing to spend on this. One gallon of paint can cover around 300 to 350 square feet. The cost of primer works out to be $30 to $50 per gallon. Choosing quality paint, you need to spend around $40 to $70 per gallon. You need to be aware that the cost of paint can change in accordance to the different brands and quality.

  1. Labor Costs

Local home painters with Price in Color can work out cost effective. Professional home painters are definitely essential for home painting, though there are many who opt for DIY. A painting job requires a lot of preparation.

The floor needs to be protected, the edges of the walls need to be taped, and also the furniture needs to be covered. This prep job can take a lot of time.

Preparation is as important as the paint job as otherwise this can lead to a disaster.

Residential local painters can charge anywhere from $50 to almost $80 per hour. The rates can differ according to the experience, location, company and also the condition of the walls.

Additional Costs

Most of the local house painters charge more for moving the furniture, repairing the drywall, removing the wall paper, using different colors, covering any dark paint with a color that is lighter or any other tasks.

There are chances that individual painting contractors can charge for supplies, like paint tray liners, brushes, rollers, caulk and more.

If the exterior of your home is vinyl, concrete, wood, stucco, metal, many local house painters can charge more as these surfaces need to be treated in a specific manner and also cleaned.

Factors considered for charges

Here are some of the factors that are considered by the local home painters for painting an interior room.

The cost depends on

  • Height of the ceilings
  • Size of the room
  • Condition of the wall surfaces
  • Price of the chosen paint
  • If you need to cover a dark colored wall
  • If you need to paint the doors and the ceilings along with the walls and the trims.

Why is Painting Important

Choosing the painting contractors of Paint in Colors can ensure the multiple benefits of interior and exterior painting.

  1. Protective Coating

Painting a home is important as this can provide the required protective covering for the exteriors and the interiors of your home. These areas can withstand the wear and tear and other damaging effects of the harsh weather conditions.

  1. Value of the Property

The value of your home can increase to a large extent in the estate market if your home is well painted. This can get easy to sell in the future. The home looks appealing and new to the buyers. This is a small investment for major returns.

Choosing local house painters with Paint in Color, you get expert advice on the type of paint for interior as well as exteriors. Our teams of professionals have the required skills to offer you a quality job sans any wastage of time.

  1. Health Benefits

You can look forward to good air quality once you have decided to get your home painted by the residential local painters. You can minimize toxic fumes by choosing low to zero VOC paint. This is important for those who have small children at home or even for those who are suffering from respiratory issues, like asthma.

Benefits of Professional Painters

  1. Professional painters have the experience of painting different surfaces in different ways. There is no wastage of time and you can look forward to a quality job.
  2. As compared to others, professional residential painters have a thorough knowledge of the different paints and products. They can ensure that your home gets the paint that is suitable to the surfaces.
  3. Painting can be a messy job. Cleaning up can be tiring. Professional painters ensure your home is clean once the painting job is done. There is nothing you need to do.

Paint in Colors ensures that the job is completed on schedule and there are no tensions for our customers.


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